The Ambassador of Western Swing invites you to a World Record-Setting Event!
Come Dance with Us for a World Record!


The Ambassador of Western Swing is at it again, and this time with a goal bigger than Texas!

Billy Mata is looking for dancers and sponsors to make a bid for the
Guinness World Records® for the most couples dancing to the official music of Texas, Western Swing.

On May 4, 2013 the record-breaking attempt will take place near Spring branch, Texas, at historic Anhalt Dancehall, featured in Texas Monthly magazine in its coverage of the rich tradition of Texas Dance Halls.


General Admission $15 per person

Reserve Seating for 8 outside area $150

Reserve Seating for 8 inside lower area $175

Reserve Seating 8 inside by dance floor $200

Contact Joanne for your tickets today

Billy Mata and his band, the Texas Tradition, is excited to bring this unique opportunity to all Western Swing fans.
Western Swing is uniquely American music born out of the tradition of hard-working folks gathering on a Saturday night with a fiddle and the guitar and have a big dance. In the Depression Era, Bob Wills, Tommy Duncan, Milton Brown, Spade Cooley and others made it famous by including cowboy and country-western instruments, blending in European and Mexican polka styles, even some New Orleans jazz and taking it to the radio and community dance halls. It was music with the heart of the American Southwest, but soon it became a national, even a worldwide phenomenon.

Billy Mata & the Texas Tradition is a Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame band in the true tradition of Tommy Duncan and Bob Wills, led by Billy Mata, the Ambassador Western Swing. Three-time Academy of Western Artist Western Swing Vocalist of the Year and winner of the Academy's Entertainer of the Year award, Billy Mata delivers the authentic music and the heart to keep it ageless.

“Official State Music of Texas”
Western Swing has recently sprung new roots, finding interest among new artists and bands who find the music fun and engaging to play and who notice the smiles on the faces of the folks who watch them play it. The music is played all over the world now. It's been a big part of Texas heritage. Its new popularity helped spark the Texas Legislature to formally declare Western Swing as the “Official Music of Texas” in 2011.

Always promoting his love for Western Swing, Billy Mata's ambassador outreach has included a concert tour in Poland, feature participation in International Jazz Festivals including the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, San Diego Dixieland Jazz Festival, and Victoria Hot Jazz Festival in British Columbia. He also hosted a Texas cultural exchange event with Stretch Dawrson and Mending Hearts, a visiting Western Swing band from Scotland.

This year's official attempt at the
Guinness World Records® should draw huge media attention to Western Swing and its new popularity.

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